How do I open my own Motorcycle Repair business?

It’s very common for motorcycle enthusiasts to open their own motorcycle repair shop. As a hobby rider, you enjoy the open road, however at some point, break downs will occur that may require the expertise of a highly-trained motorcycle mechanic who has the experience needed to do such repairs. Why can’t that be you?

When you combine your interest in motorcycles with your entrepreneurial spirit, you can run a successful repair business! If you have traveled in style on your own motorcycle for any length of time, you understand the comradery of friends and the fellowship involved within the motorcycle community. If you do good work, your friends will be an integral part of your success.  They will offer moral support and depend on you to keep them rolling!

So, if your end goal is to own your own motorcycle repair business, you must know your stuff. Education is the key element in providing services that your clients will need and appreciate. As you complete an online motorcycle repair training program, you will have the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent customer service, as well as, to make effective repairs in a timely manner.

Next, you will need to secure a shop to work in, preferably one that is spacious enough to house your parts inventory, plenty of work space and a small office to conduct business. You may want a small counter space for selling parts, in addition to, a display area and perhaps, a small waiting area for those who need routine maintenance tasks done, such as oil changes. Other startup costs will include sufficient insurance coverage, website costs and advertising.

In addition, you will want to see what sort of licensing or permits your state requires. As some states require motorcycle mechanics to obtain a license to perform work, others do not, however, a business license will, most likely, be required. Please check with your state’s requirements as you begin your business plan. You will also want to open a business bank account for all business transactions, as well as, acquire a recordkeeping system that meets your needs.

You will need to work hard at forging long-lasting customer relationships. Your reputation for doing a wonderful job and having stellar work ethics will ensure your success. With today’s technology, bad reviews can make or break a company. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for a business that specializes in service work. Taking advantage of any networking opportunities that come your way is advisable, along with all other types of advertising. A website that is easy to navigate and updated regularly is essential in promoting your business and attracting new customers.

As your business grows, so will your own responsibilities. Eventually, you may need to hire additional employees. Will you need workman’s compensation insurance? Are you prepared to pay other employees? What about payroll taxes? Sales Taxes?  Will you need the help of an accountant? You will need to be prepared to meet all tax code requirements.

If you would like to eventually broaden your business, you may also offer motorcycle parts sales online to reach more customers. You may also choose to expand your sales by offering new or quality used bikes, as well as, elaborate and fun bike accessories, airbrushing services, helmets and other motorcycle gear such as riding apparel for both men and women.

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of opening your own business, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Motorcycle Repair to get a head start on a great training program.