Do I have the right personality for a career in Motorcycle Repair?

Do you have the personality to be a motorcycle repair mechanic? What type of person do you need to be? You know you like to ride motorcycles, you enjoy the wind in your face, but could you tear an engine down and put it back together again? Is that something you would enjoy doing, or, does it sound like a nightmare? You probably need to ask yourself those questions before you pursue a career as a motorcycle repair mechanic. Without a doubt, it’s not for everybody!

Are you mechanically minded? Analytical thinking is a must. You will be asked to use diagnostic equipment to make a reasonable assessment to determine repairs. You must be able to think logically and methodically to properly dismantle a bike down to the bare bones and then put it back together… and, it must purr like a kitten!

Are you easily frazzled? Do you have patience? Without patience, a career as a motorcycle repair technician would be very difficult. Each repair part must be intricately placed in the proper order to ensure a smooth-running bike… no need to get in a hurry. However, speaking of getting in a hurry, do you work well under pressure? Suppose you do have a deadline to meet… Can you work efficiently while also paying attention to detail?

Are you dependable? When a customer brings their motorcycle to you for repair, they must be able to trust you as their mechanic. They want you to take care of their “baby,” just as if it was your own. They will want you to be educated in your field and diligent in taking care of their property. In addition, can you repair each motorcycle in a reasonable amount of time? Most dedicated motorcyclist don’t want to be without their bike for very long… after all, the open road in calling!

Can you work independently? Is your education and hands-on training in motorcycle mechanics going to allow you to work on your own. As an employee of a dealership or privately-owned repair shop, you will need to pull your own weight and sufficiently be able to crank out the work to maintain your value in the company.

Customers want people they can trust to work on their equipment. You must be a person of integrity and truth. Don’t ever use your position to take advantage of a customer… it will come back to haunt you, no doubt. Bad reviews can truly destroy a company’s success. Excellent customer service skills are a must.  Here’s where your patience also comes in handy!

Do you enjoy working indoors or outdoors? Typically, the mechanic’s shop environment involves working in a garage type setting. In the summer, it may be exceptionally hot and on the flip side, in the winter, it may be extremely cold. If you can handle working in inclement or excessive weather conditions, you could enjoy mechanic work. Who knows… maybe your shop will have an air conditioning and heating system!

So, what do you think? Do you have the qualities and personality to excel in this field? If you do, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Motorcycle Repair.