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The State and Challenges of Online Education (Infographic)

Online education is massive.

Number of students/ type:
3 million/ Online-only students in the US
6.7 million/ Yearly online course students
10 million/ Total MOOC participants

With most schools now participating
86% of traditional residential colleges offer courses online
1/3 offer entire degrees online.


Women’s Studies: Why Female Education Matters (Infographic)

With more women than men enrolled in U.S. colleges, Americans might assume the education of girls and women isn’t an issue. But that’s not the case around the world, as more than half the young children out of school around the world are girls. Where are females denied education, why and what are the effects?
Beyond the morality issues, educating women can help boost the economic future of struggling countries.


Classroom or Living Room? The Growth of Online Education (Infographic)

People considering higher education have enough to worry about: costs, location, school prestige, degree choice. But in this Digital Age, there is now another thing to consider—will you learn online or in a traditional campus environment?

Let’s take a look at a brief timeline of the introduction of the digital classroom from 1990 to today.


How to Tell if Online Education is for You (Infographic)

Online education is expanding rapidly, both in scope and level of general acceptance. Many chief educational officers even believe that online education has superior outcomes to traditional coursework. But online education isn’t for everyone. Here are some questions to determine if it’s the right path for you.

Online Learning is Massively Popular
America has 21 Million Postsecondary students[1][2]
1/3 take at least one online course
That’s 7.1 million students A YEAR

With 769,000 taking their entire program online.
(Or 1/8 of those taking at least one online class)

Highest Paying Jobs

So… you want to make some sweet dough? Check it out! Below are the top 11 highest paying jobs in the US! Keep in mind as you stroll through the list that all of these positions have a low end pay and a high end pay and several factors determine the salary you would receive, such as size of the company you work for, whether you are self-employed, location, level of schooling, work experience, etc.


How Students Cheat Online (Infographic)

“Can they be stopped?”

To Cheat or not to cheat- an age old question that has taken on new meaning with the inception of online college courses. The question we are facing today- are online courses really giving students the go ahead to cheat?

Most teachers and professors have the uncanny knack of knowing when a student is cheating.
It is called common sense.


Be Your Own Boss: 8 Great Degrees To Prepare For Self-Employment

Always wanted to work for yourself? Earn one of these degrees and you can choose the path to building your own way and working for yourself. Let’s start with the obvious….we all know that you can be a self-employed doctor, dentist, lawyer, orthodontist, chiropractor, counselor, psychologist, etc. and while those are all amazing positions to be in, they aren’t what this list is about….. This list contains occupations (that require some form of degree) of the “not so popular” but certainly obtainable jobs and some high-paying ways to become self-employed!