How do I earn a professional certificate or diploma in Sewing and Dressmaking?

Most companies prefer their employees to have at least some form of specialized training when applying for a seamstress and dressmaking position. Of course, experience is also necessary, however, you may have gained some sewing experience through home economics class or just sewing for yourself and friends. But, who couldn’t benefit from some extra time spent on educating themselves and honing their sewing skills?  In today’s world as the cost of clothing is on the rise, just learning to sew for yourself can save you big bucks!

There are several schools that offer online coursework in sewing and dressmaking. They teach many applications and online learning makes it easy and convenient to fit it into your busy schedule. Seamstress programs usually last several months and can be completed at your own pace. Sometimes, a final garment sewing project is required for certification. Rest assured, through online courses, you will still have the ability to contact instructors for help, if needed. Instructional books are provided, however, you will need to provide your own sewing machine and attachments.

A seamstress is hired to do many tasks, such as, altering hemlines, repairing rips or zippers, as well as, more extensive tasks, such as creating a dress design and sewing it from scratch. As simple as it sounds, it is actually a technical feat that requires precise measurements and skills. Your professional certificate program should help you become a pro.

To enter a certification program, you will only need to show proof of a high school diploma or GED, however, familiarity with sewing terms and basic skills are helpful. Many begin with viewing Internet instructional videos or taking free classes offered by their community center to learn the basics.

Coursework offered in a seamstress certification training program should include classes in pattern drafting, design, garment construction, cutting fabric, embroidery, crocheting and crewelwork, sewing machine operation and hand-stitching, textiles and fabric care, computer-aided design, as well as, how to take proper body measurements, use a dress form and tailoring tools, apply embellishments, serging and how to make alterations. If you have an entrepreneurship spirit and would like to own your own alterations and dressmaking business, you should also pursue classes in business and marketing.

Master seamstress certification programs are also available. These programs are designed for those with sewing experience and who aspire to open their own alterations or dressmaking business. The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP) offers the Master Sewing and Design Professional certification to those interested in career advancements and provides and examination in seven advanced techniques in sewing concepts, such as, proportion and fit, in addition to, texture and other professional practices used in sewing. Continued education will be required to renew your Master Sewing certification annually. To further your education, undergraduate and graduate degrees are available in Fashion Design.

Gaining experience and continued learning is essential in the field of sewing and dressmaking. Locating apprenticeships under experienced seamstresses can be rare, although very beneficial if you are fortunate enough to find someone who is willing to share their talents. Other educational opportunities can include workshops, trade shows, seminars, conventions and to prove your skills, why not participate in some friendly competition, when offered? Winning such contests would certainly look good on your resumé!

Without a doubt, you will stand a better chance of getting hired for the position you desire with a graduation certificate in sewing from a reputable formal training program. As more and more companies are outsourcing seamstress jobs to foreign labor, your credentials will give you a step up on your competition. So, let’s “sew” up this matter and get the ball rolling in a new career direction for you… enter a seamstress certification program today! If you are interested in this field, please see our list of the best Online Schools for Sewing/Dressmaking programs.