What qualities do I need as an Auto Repair Technician?

How do you know if you have the qualities needed to make auto repair a successful career for you? Can you handle the greasy hands? Are you physically able to work overhead, while under a car? Are you mechanically minded? These are all good questions to ask yourself… because auto repair is just not for everybody.

Fortunately, we do have qualified, knowledgeable and certified Auto Repair Technicians that have completed the rigorous training and ASE certification testing. With determination and the proper training, you can do it, too! Let’s examine a few needed qualities to determine if it’s a good career choice for you.

First and foremost, you must have the skill set to properly diagnose and repair the technically advanced automobiles of today. You must be willing to stay up-to-date on your training as more and more vehicles, known as hybrids, are becoming popular. In addition, you must have a working knowledge of car parts, their purpose, as well as, their proper name to buy or order. To serve your customers the best, you must evolve along with the car industry.

You must have exceptional problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Your customers will depend on you to quickly identify a problem using all relevant resources and tools. Once the problem is identified, you must be able to repair the issue in a timely and efficient manner.

Are you a people person? You will be dealing with customers on a daily basis. Typically, if they have come to see you, they have a problem and probably are not in the best of moods anyway. Car repairs are often unexpected and the possibly exuberant costs and inconvenience of being left without transportation are enough to leave anyone dismayed, however, you will be responsible for relaying repair needs to them, as well as, the costs. Some days you will be their hero, and others, well… not so much! With strong communication skills, you will need to be able to explain complex issues in layman’s terms to put the customer at ease about the money they’re spending.

An Auto Repair Technician must be honest. Customer’s that need auto repairs are often left at the mechanic’s mercy. They rely on the technician’s expertise to tell them the truth about the problem and cost, therefore, a good work ethic is a must to preserve your reputation, as well as, the reputation of the dealership or auto repair shop you work for.

What kind of “extra” assurance can you give your customers that you are dedicated to doing a good job? ASE certifications are the best way to demonstrate your expertise. Although it is not required to do business, it is recommended. It provides assurance that you are aware of the latest technology used in the automobile industry. Your employer, in addition to your customers, will be impressed and appreciate your efforts. If you would like to advance in your career, perhaps as in a management position, you must have excellent leadership skills.

Have you got the right tools? Most Auto Repair Technicians must provide their own hand tools. Large equipment is generally provided by the business owner, however, you will need to buy quality tools to do a good job… and sometimes, they can be pricey. You must be well-trained in the use of your tools and on the safety guidelines of large lifts and testing machinery. Proper eyewear and clothing must be worn to prevent injuries.

Can you handle stress well? Deadlines are often imposed to accommodate the customer’s needs and the next job is always waiting for you. Time management skills are a must to reduce stress and keep customers happy.

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