What are good qualities to have as an Organizational Manager?

Let’s face it… not everyone is management material. How do you know if you have the personality to handle the supervision of employees with careful consideration and ease, balanced with firmness and tact? If you question your ability to be a pleasant, yet effective boss, then check out these qualities to see if you would be a good fit in a management position.

While most good and endearing qualities we must learn as children, some will come to you as you earn your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. Your coursework will assist you in how to be compassionate towards others, all while leading your team with firmness and authority. Some say you can’t be both, however, a true leader can balance the two to create cohesiveness and harmony, which will lead to increased productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Do you have a positive attitude? Often, employees will follow your lead. If you can stay positive and excited about what you are doing, then most employees will find your demeanor contagious and will be the same.

Are you well-organized? Who really likes to be in a state of chaos all the time? If you have a messy desk and you look unorganized, why should your employees care either? Being organized is helpful to you, as well as, others. You can put your hands on whatever is needed in a timely manner… which is always impressive.

You must be able to prioritize. Don’t lose focus on what is important in the day you’re in. Most organizers recommend a “to-do” list. If you pick the three most important things to do that day, you can then delegate without overwhelming your employees.

Do you have empathy for others? Reality is that every employee that walks through the door every morning is not going to feel great and wonderful about being there. Although they have a job to do, no doubt, things won’t always go as planned for you. We all have problems that we should leave at the door, but sometimes it’s just not possible. A good manager will care about their employees and will understand and be sympathetic to a certain amount of frustration; however, your job will be to keep the team on track and positive through it all.

Are you the patient type? This may be one of the hardest attributes among most people. Your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management program probably can’t help you much here. You either are one that acts calmly in certain situations with others, or you may be one who flies off the handle while dealing with certain situations or fellow employees. If you are not patient, you are not management material.

You must be an honest person with integrity and character. If you can’t be trusted, then you won’t last long as a manager. Most employers value this trait over any others. And your employees must trust you, too.

Are you okay with flexibility? Everything is not going to always go your way or on your timetable. If you are in management, you must be able to act quickly and be able to alter your plans, if needed, to resolve the conflict quickly and effectively.

Are you willing to be accountable for your actions, in addition to, your employee’s actions? If your employee is not being productive, chances are, you will be the one to answer for it. You must be able to take the reprimand and criticism, as well as, act accordingly to resolve the issue.

You must learn how to appreciate your employees, know how to delegate effectively and provide the resources they need to ensure positive productivity. Respect must be mutual. While earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, please consider the above qualities to see if you have what it takes.

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