What’s the quickest I can graduate from an online program?

fast online graduation

Time management is a critical part of one’s life as we have daily activities to schedule. Who has time to work in other undertakings? For some, responsibilities, such as earning a living and raising a family, fill their days, so, how would they ever have time to further their education? Online distance learning programs provide the flexibility that most students need in today’s busy world. But, even then, perhaps you are wondering how long an online degree program will take you to complete.

Primarily, the time spent completing an online distance learning is comparable to that spent working through programs offered through the traditional brick and mortar campus. It will take you about two years to complete an associate degree, and then another two years to complete your bachelor’s degree.

If you would like to pursue graduate degrees, generally, you can complete a master’s program within two years. Doctoral degree programs can range from two to four years to complete depending on the scope of work, as well as, the required dissertation process.

When you are engaged in an online learning program, some programs will allow you to earn your degree at an accelerated speed. In these types of applications, you may receive your classwork at the beginning of the term, and you may finish it at your own pace; therefore, if you choose, you can complete it faster than is required.

Other types of programs will require you to attend scheduled lectures or expect that you participate in virtual discussions. Of course, this type of required participation will need your attention on a daily or weekly basis; therefore, eliminating your chance to work ahead of schedule.

Online degree programs that offer accelerated learning tracks are ideal, especially if you are anxious to get out into the labor force as soon as possible to increase your earning potential. Other accelerated programs often include trade or vocational schools that allow you to work at your own pace. In some instances, the quicker you finish, the less your tuition costs. After all, time is money!


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