Can I Get A Real Estate Certificate Online?

The real estate market is an ever growing business with demand in every city in the United States. Every little town, big town, and anything in between. You are more than likely going to find a realty office with several realtors wherever you go. You can even find real estate agents in several other countries although the title will more likely vary from place to place. Our point is that the demand for new real estate agents just keeps growing, with the numbers of agents expected to reach into the 450,000 to 475,000 member range and possibly more in the coming years.

If you are looking to get your real estate certificate, the type of real estate agent you plan to become matters. Making negotiations between sellers and buyers are what real estate agents are known for and lots of people do not realize that real estate agents do way more than sell houses or property. You will need to know what your state requirements are and possibly what brokerage you hope to work through once you are certified, along with any other requirements needed to start up your own customer base.   

There are several available school choices to choose from out there ranging between lengths of two months to two years depending on the school you choose to attend and what type real estate agent you choose to be, as well as, what real estate field you choose to specialize in. You can indeed achieve your real estate certificate online. You will find schools that will teach you all the basic requirements in a couple of months in order to prepare you for the state exam, or you can go further with your schooling and receive your master’s degree in real estate in a two year time frame.

All in all, it is up to you as to where you want to focus your career path.  You will need to ask yourself in the beginning some serious questions before choosing a school. You should ask yourself, what role do I want to play as a real estate agent? Do I want to get the basic schooling then find a real estate broker to work under, or do I want to be able to work in other areas of real estate such as, real estate development, working with investment groups, portfolios management, rental house management, or other type opportunities, for example, working with a bank/lending institutions? With a master’s degree in real estate you can explore many more opportunities.

Your online school choices for real estate are almost endless and even Harvard has an extension school online that offers the master’s degree. You would have classes in Real Estate Enterprise Management, Principles of Real Estate, and Real Estate Finance and Investment along with related electives. You do need to find out what your state requirements are in the very beginning before you start any school system because each state varies and may be quite a bit different.