What are the job responsibilities of a Construction Manager?

As a child, did you enjoy playing with your building blocks or those tiny wood pieces that allowed you to build your dream log home? Perhaps you were a Construction Manager in the making. It is very satisfying to most people to see something come from nothing. Building from the ground up and seeing a project come to fruition is a rewarding and awesome experience.

Construction Managers are also referred to as General Contractors or sometimes Project Managers. They typically are responsible for coordinating and supervising a wide array of projects, anything from residential homes to commercial and industrial structures, public facilities, in addition to, roads or bridges. They may also work with their clients to help with design and cost effective plans. Other duties generally include creating contracts, preparing cost estimates and sticking to a budget. You will be expected to hire subcontractors, along with, schedule work and comply with building and safety regulations.

With your online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, you will learn how to work closely with other specialists, such as, civil engineers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and architects. You will also be expected to work with local government officials such as city inspectors and fire marshals. In today’s world of technology, your degree program will also teach you the latest software computer programs to use for creating cost estimates and for submitting bids.

The life of a Construction Manager can be a busy one. It’s a full-time job that can take up to 50-60 hours a week of your time, however, you may be on call 24 hours a day, depending on the project and when deadlines are rapidly approaching. Emergencies are always a possibility. Although many Construction Managers have an office to go to, most often they are out in the field checking on projects and advising on future ventures. Frequent travel may be required, too. A significant amount of Construction Managers become self-employed.

The preferred degree for a career as a Construction Manager is an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. Paired with construction experience, your degree will be widely recognized by most larger construction firms and industries. Your program should include training in architecture, project control and management, construction science, engineering, design, construction methods and materials, contract administration and how to manage your employees. Statistics and mathematics are extremely important, as well.

Internships, when given the opportunity, are an excellent way to gain valuable experience and will be an important part of earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. Through an online program, your school most likely, will be able to assist in finding a position that is right for you.

Certification through the Construction Management Association of America is preferred, although is not a requirement. However, certification will help you to exhibit proficiency in your craft and, along with your internship work experience, will be impressive on your resumé. In addition, your state may require you to have a contractor’s license.

An excellent candidate for a Construction Management position would be personable, self-motivated, detail-oriented and who has analytical skills, business skills and who is a good decision maker. They must excel in communication skills, written and oral and be an exemplary leader by taking the initiative and by knowing the correct way to delegate tasks. Time-management is key.

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