What kind of salary can you expect to make with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design?

What salary you can make with your Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design can vary greatly depending on several underlying factors, such as location of job opportunity, along with the type of graphic designer you plan to become. You can expect a higher pay rate in bigger cities where demand is high.  We will list several jobs in graphic design and go into more about each job and what you can expect your salary will be in each field of graphic design. Keep in mind that where you live greatly dictates what your salary will consist of…

Multimedia Designer: Multimedia designers integrate several combination forms of media, such as animation, text, and audio. Multimedia is used in video game design, websites, and basically any interactive application. Some companies require the Multimedia Designer to know InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other publishing software. The median salary for this type of graphic design field is around $50,000.

Coordinator of New Media: An example of a Coordinator of New Media would be for potentially a college looking to have a Graphic Designer to organize and  manage the college’s brand through social networking, promoting events on campus, and sharing the story of the campus. The salary for this position should start in the $38,000 range.

Signage Designer: This type of position will expect you to create banners, yard signs, magnets, illuminated wall signs, business cards, stationery, and lots more. A signage designer would typically need to know certain types of computer programs, such as, CAD, Adobe PS and Illustrator, to name a few. The median salary for this position is around $32,000 per year.

Graphic Designer: A graphic designer position, in which you use computer software to create visual effects and content, may require you to be able to work on web pages, along with taking control of social media content, digital banner ads, along with other things. You would need to know HTML, Adobe programs, and have animation skills. This position has an average median salary of $41,000.

Creative Design: If you would like to create branded products, creative design may be for you. Starting out with the rough layout and finishing using the latest, digital illustration programs available till you have a finished product, is what a creative designer does. If you hold a position doing creative design, you must be able to use, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, along with Microsoft Office. Depending on experience, this position pays around the $45,000 area.

Digital and Print Designer: If you have a good eye and the ability to see trends, then you could be creating multimedia content, web billboards, banners, and other advertising material. If you  work well with a team, and enjoy this type of job environment, being a digital and print designer may be what you are looking for. To fit the requirements for this job, you would be expected to know Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, HTML and CSS. Your job would be to make Print Ads, Web Banners, Menus, Web Site Design, and Programming. Your salary for this position starts in the $35,000 range and tops out at the $55,000 level.