What kind of salary can I expect to earn with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications?

It’s always an excellent idea to familiarize yourself with potential earning salaries when deciding on which career to work towards. Communication is an everyday part of our lives, so, why not make a living doing it, right?

In addition to earning your degree, communicating effectively will help you to land the dream job you have always wanted. But, what if you are not sure about what career to pursue. Most likely, as with most people, salary is an important factor in your decision. Your educational path in communications will prepare you for any number of careers, for example, a television or radio personality, business consultant, human resource manager, sports manager, a publicist or a public relations manager for a large industry. Are you interested in politics? Why not pursue your interest in the political arena and become a public relations or fundraiser manager, possibly earning you a lucrative six figure salary? Your choices are endless!

Let’s review a few career options, as well as, their salaries to help you make a wise decision:

Writers cover a wide array of careers including novelist, newspaper writers, screenplay writers or website developers. Some writers are self-employed and some are hired by large companies or they become free-lancers. If you are interested in being a writer, of any sort, the median salary could range between $60,250 – $114,530 annually, depending on experience.

Newscasters, Reporters and Radio Personalities earn a median salary of $36,360 – $81,580 annually, depending on experience and location. They are responsible for keeping us all abreast of the news, the good and the bad, through a public broadcast forum. Broadcasting the news requires a bias opinion while maintaining sensitivity, depending on the story. Journalism classes will teach you how to research and write your own news worthy pieces.

Public Relations Specialist help to preserve the image of corporations, organizations or individuals, such as athletes or celebrities and help to promote and maintain their public image, in a favorable way, of course. Sometimes a publicist must be called upon to spin a positive light on negative issues to protect their client’s best interest. Typically, depending on the client, public relations specialists earn a median salary between $56,770 – $110,080 annually.

Market Research Analysts often are employed by companies that are interested in the consumer’s opinion. The analyst is responsible for creating surveys, polls or questionnaires to determine the effects of a particular product and to research, create and report information to management in order to recommend improvements and expand profits. The median salary for a market research analyst ranges between $62,150 – $120,460 annually, depending on experience.

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers keep the consumer interested through print or media, therefore, selling the product or service in which they have been hired to promote. They work closely with art directors and graphic designers. Some managers are responsible for commercial jingles or creative product packaging. The average median salary of an advertising, promotions or marketing manager is approximately $124,850 annually, depending on experience.

There are many other profitable careers to choose from with a bachelor’s degree in communications, such as, careers in the healthcare field, business administration, sign language or within the legal system. Perhaps, a communications degree is one of the most diverse degrees you can own. Enjoy! By clicking the link above, you can view our top choices for online communication degree schools!