What kind of salary can I expect in the field of Carpentry?

Are you wondering what kind of salary you might earn as a carpenter? That is most people’s biggest concern when considering a career choice. As adults, we are responsible for taking care of our families, providing for our children and saving up for their college expenses. Most adults have a mortgage and a car payment or two to consider. In addition, if training is required, we must determine if the cost of school compared to our earnings is a wise investment.

Here, we will examine a few annual salaries, provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, to help you consider which career might fit your needs. The average salary for a framework carpenter is approximately $43,600 per year, depending on experience and responsibilities. Construction helpers earn an estimated $32,230 annually.

Masonry workers earn approximately $41,330 annually, depending on skills and expertise. If you specialize in the installation of drywall and finishing, you can earn about $42,280 per year. The cabinet maker, depending on experience, can earn upwards of $52,280 annually. Flooring and tile installers earn $39,150 annually, while ironworkers who install support beams for structures and bridges earn slightly over $50,000 per year.

Other trade careers, such as glaziers, who install windows and glass storefronts earn approximately $41,920 annually and insulators earn slightly under $40,000 per year. As a roofer, you can expect to earn about $37,760 annually. If your experience eventually leads you into a construction inspection job opportunity, you can earn upwards of $60,000 or more annually.

The above guidelines will give you an idea of salaries you can expect, however, with most career options, your salary will depend on several factors. Most employers will base your pay on the education you have received and the years of experience you have under the proverbial “tool belt.” In addition, salaries within the construction field, at least, are often based on supply and demand. Our economy often dictates the need for new construction depending on the buying habits of the consumer. Certain areas of the country also pay better salaries than others. And remember, the more skills you have mastered, the more job opportunities and better salary you can earn.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit about you? If so, you may be interested in being your own boss. Many budding carpenters go on to own their own construction company. If you have experience in many concentrations of construction, you can be very successful, however, a good business sense in financial matters and excellent communication skills are also imperative to ensure profitability when self-employed.

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