What kind of salary can I expect with my online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science?

As with most careers, especially when pondering the possibility of putting your time and energy into a bachelor’s degree, students are always concerned about the return on their money, considering the costs involved with earning a college degree. Although money isn’t everything, most students have college loans to repay, and sometimes, families to take care of, therefore, earning any type of degree can be costly. If earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science is an option for you, it is a wise choice.

If you have a genuine interest in politics, you might be interested in what kind of salary you will earn in this field. With your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, you will have unlimited career possibilities. Let’s look at a few options to consider:

The Budget Analyst is well-versed in mathematical skills in which they use to balance budgets for local and federal government agencies. They are often asked to ensure that law makers are in compliance with budget regulations. Their salaries can range from between $46,230 – $107,230 annually, with an average of $71,590 per year.

The Political Campaign Manager position also requires an online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. The duties of this position include overseeing a politician’s election process which consists of marketing and fundraising needs. They are available for consultations and are expected to hire staff members for the campaign. The salary for this career can range significantly, depending on the candidate and office to fill, but typically ranges from between $50,000 to upwards of $192,000 annually.

A Paralegal is hired to assist a lawyer in preparation for trial. They do research, as well as, handle other paperwork and filings that are necessary to proceed. The average salary for a Paralegal with a bachelor’s degree ranges from between $47,075 – $60,110 per year, with an average of $53,237 annually.

A Political Analyst, often works for government agencies to review data for the purpose of forecasting political trends. They report political election results and advise on foreign matters. The average salary for this position is $99,730 annually.

A Public Relations Manager, within the field of government, is tasked with preserving and promoting the image of an agency or company. Travel is often required in this position. The average pay is $104,140 annually, depending on experience.

The Fundraiser Manager is responsible for raising money for campaigns or other political organizations. They must be creative to come up with new and exciting ways to get the public’s donations. Their salaries range from between $75,825 – $106,679 annually, with an average of $93,807 per year.

With your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, you may be interested in a job as a government Lobbyist. Your strong understanding of politics will assist you in negotiating government policies for your clients. The average pay for a Lobbyist is $75,000 annually, however, this may vary greatly depending on experience, location and organization you represent.

As you can see, your degree will open doors for many lucrative opportunities. If you have an interest in politics, please see our list of the Top 20 Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Political Science degree programs.