What kind of salary can I expect with my online career diploma in Jewelry Design and Repair?

If you are interested in a career as a jewelry designer, an online program will earn you a career diploma or certificate to help you in your job search. Most employers today appreciate the time and effort put forth by attending a training program in a specific trade. As career diploma programs are readily available, you will easily find one that focuses on jewelry design, jewelry repair or both.

What will you do after you complete your program? What are your options? Can you earn a decent living in the field of jewelry design and repair? These are all good questions to ask before you sign on to a program. The most obvious position to pursue in this field is that of a jewelry designer. Perhaps your artistic abilities call for creating your own product design and distribution.

The BLS reports that Jeweler and Precious Stone and Metal Workers earn approximately $37,960 annually. As you see your designs come to fruition, you will work to design, construct and sell your jewelry for others to enjoy. As a jeweler, you will be responsible for identifying gems and diamond quality. And your true salary… perhaps that really depends on you!

Jewelry appraisers are often asked to provide value estimates for jewelry pieces, including diamond and gemstone carat weights and assessments. They are employed by jewelry stores, auction houses, pawn shops and appraisal and insurance companies.

Most jewelry stores hire those who repair jewelry pieces, also call bench jewelers. They replace watch batteries, do engraving, enameling and stone cutting, repair broken pieces and adjust rings to the proper size, among many other duties. They also are experts at cleaning jewelry correctly. Bench jewelers are aware of all types of metals and know how to use them properly. Often, they also design and create custom pieces.

If there is a manufacturing facility in your community that produces costume jewelry pieces, you may use your career diploma in this capacity. Production jewelers create and assemble pieces in which you can showcase your talents, no doubt.

Suppose you are not interested in the design aspect of the jewelry business but love working with diamonds and gems, perhaps you should consider becoming a gemologist. A gemologist determines the true quality of a gem, the history of the stone and the carat weight of the gemstone. They usually write a report or estimate of the value of a gem or jewelry piece. In this position, you must know the characteristics of all gemstones to make an accurate evaluation. In addition, you may choose to specialize in all colors of diamonds or colored gemstones such as, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, as well as, the hundreds of other beautiful semi-precious and opaque gemstones available today.

So, what position within the field of jewelry suits you the best? Consider your personality, your education, your creative abilities and most of all, your true interest before deciding. Please note that all the above positions have an earning potential of a much higher salary depending on your education, experience, clientele, reputation and artistic ability. If you would like to learn more about this field, please see our list for the best Online Jewelry Design and Repair programs.