What kind of salary can I expect with my online certificate as a Wedding Consultant?

When the most important day of your life is in the balance, an excellent wedding consultant is priceless. For their clients, they shoulder most of the responsibility on the wedding day. Wedding planners assure their clients that they will have an enjoyable and memorable day that they can look back on with fondness, as it is very important that the bride remains calm and stress-free for their big day.

So, what if you decide to take on the duties of a wedding consultant? Can you handle the pressure? Are you detail-oriented? Or, perhaps most importantly, is the salary going to be worth the stress? That’s a good point to consider, of course, however, most wedding consultants simply enjoy the wedding concept, the excitement of planning for the bride and the opportunity to decorate a unique and elegant atmosphere using their imagination and creativity. Through the results of their contributions and satisfaction from a job well done, most wedding planners are primarily focused on the true privilege of assisting the bride and helping to make her dreams come true on her wedding day.

But personal satisfaction doesn’t pay the bills, does it? In the description provided by the BLS, they presently do not list a career as a wedding consultant in their salary reports, however, they do categorize “Meeting, Convention and Event Planners” together. They report that as of May 2017, the average salary for the above classification is approximately $48,290 per year. Payscale.com reports the salary of a wedding planner to be at $42,407 annually. Other sources report that the longer you are in the business, the more salary you can accumulate, such as for those working at least five to ten years report a salary of $70,000 to $90,000 annually. With ten years of experience, you can expect a salary of over $100,000 per year in some markets. Additional salary can be earned through experience, certifications, and an excellent reputation. If you were a wedding consultant to the stars, can you imagine how much you could earn? The job outlook for this position is expected to increase by 11% between 2016 and 2026.

Where can you work? You have several options, however, the most common is to establish your own wedding consultant business. In this position, you will be your own boss and can set your own hours, therefore, working as much as you desire. In the beginning, hard work and dedication are needed to build a clientele and establish a praiseworthy reputation. Client referrals will be your main source of growth, without a doubt.

If you are not interested in going it alone just yet, perhaps gaining valuable experience through a company who is already an established wedding vendor is the way to go. Wedding consulting businesses often hire assistants to help them during the planning phases of a wedding, as well as, to help direct the ceremony and oversee the reception. In addition, bridal shops would also appreciate your training when helping brides choose a wedding dress and accessories.

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