What kind of salary can I expect to earn with an Online Master’s Degree in Gerontology?

When considering a career in healthcare, there are many, many options. The field of gerontology offers a variety of career options, as well. Most students want to be informed about potential earnings before pursuing a specific path in healthcare, as they should. An online master’s degree in gerontology is aimed at educating the student on the aging process of the elderly. This includes mental and physical healthcare concerns which offers several types of career options. Keep in mind that some careers in this realm require dual degrees, for example, an additional psychology or nursing degree.

Although you will need to do extensive research for your goal’s requirements, let’s look at a few options that you might want to consider while exploring career possibilities.  One of the most common positions within the field of gerontology is to become a Geriatric Healthcare Social Worker. The job growth rate for the Social Worker is projected to rise by 12% between now and 2024. Typically, the healthcare Social Worker earns between $52,380 – $59,100 annually, depending on experience. An online master’s degree in gerontology is the preferred degree for a Social Worker’s position. They work tirelessly on behalf of their elderly clients to ensure that they are being taken care of properly. Seniors are often at risk because of being alone, their living conditions and their income. A Social Worker helps their clients complete paperwork and works as a liaison between the patient and their primary healthcare provider in the medical setting, in addition to, their in-home caregivers.

A Certified Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (CGNP), of course, will require a nursing degree with a specialization in gerontology. The median pay for this position provides a salary of $95,070 per year, depending on educational degree and experience. The Gerontology Nurse Practitioner is responsible for the general medical healthcare and management of acute illnesses or diseases of their aging or elderly patients.

Also, along with a nursing degree, you may want to consider a position as a Geriatric Nurse. They often work in nursing homes or as home health nurses by providing healthcare and therapy to the elderly, they monitor symptoms and report the diminish of cognitive skills, therefore, reporting to physicians and family. Geriatric Nurses earn between $59,344 – $75,745 annually, with an average of $65,521 per year, depending on experience.

Geriatric Rehabilitation Counselors need an online master’s degree in gerontology to learn how to help the elderly live independently. They develop individualized treatment plans that pertain to the physical capabilities or lack of that each client exhibits whether it be a disability, disease or the result of a stroke. The average salary of a Geriatric Rehabilitation Counselor is from between $34,390 – $55,551 annually, depending on experience.

A Geropsychologist applies their professional knowledge, in the field of psychology, to the care of elderly adults and their transition into aging. They help families, as well, in assisting their loved ones while coping with illness and the aging process. The median salary for a psychologist who specializes in gerontology is $89,900 annually, depending on experience.

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