What areas of specialization can I focus on in Auto Repair?

If you would like to earn a certificate in auto repair, your program will cover a wide array of topics, anything from changing oil to rebuilding motors or transmissions. However, within the realm of auto repair, you may also be interested in concentrating your efforts on a specialty. In some cases, you can obtain additional certifications in the concentration of your choice, depending on your interest.

Are you interested in working on engines only? The Auto Repair Technician who works on engines must be fluent in tearing a motor down piece by piece, replacing the worn parts and putting the whole thing back together again precisely the way that it was, no doubt. As tedious as this may sound, someone who specializes in this type of work must truly enjoy the personal satisfaction of the large task at hand when completed. Depending on the make and model, rebuilding some engines may be more difficult than others, however, with the proper training, research and preparation, you will be an expert in no time.

Another specialty you may want to consider is in the area of electrical systems for the automobile. Often, tracing electrical issues on a vehicle can be very time consuming, however, some Auto Repair Technicians enjoy the challenge and are naturally good at it. If you choose this concentration, you must have patience and be good with detail-oriented tasks. Within this specialty, you will also be responsible for battery charging issues, as well as, ignition circuits, sensors and magnetically operated components.

Another specialization to consider is in the scope of transmission repair and replacement. In this position, you must be prepared to diagnose, service or rebuild automatic and manual transmissions. Considering today’s advanced technology in the world of vehicles, a transmission specialist must be well versed in computer control systems to make complicated repairs. You will also need strong mathematical, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

We all must depend on general maintenance shops to keep us rolling. Tire shops hire those interested in focusing on repairing flats, replacing tires, as well as, working on brake systems and alignments. Other businesses specialize in air conditioning and heating systems in vehicles, in addition to, radiator repair or replacement.

Typically, a privately-owned auto repair business will work on all makes and models of vehicles. If you prefer a particular make of car or truck to drive, as most people do, you may want to consider repairing only that type of vehicle. Although dealerships can work on all makes, most often, they work on the brand they sell.

Another option for you may include working on motorcycles. Although not considered vehicles, the concept is still similar. In addition, repairing other types of vehicles, such as large delivery trucks, cargo vans, motor homes or buses may interest you, as well as, repair shops that only repair diesel driven vehicles, such as tractor/trailer rigs.

As you can see, the auto repair business can take you in many directions. The choice is up to you! If you would like to learn more about this topic, please see our list for the best Online Schools for Auto Repair Programs.