What areas of specialization might I consider in the field of Carpentry?

Within the field of carpentry, there are many specializations. After all, there are numerous steps in building a home, an office, or an entertainment complex. Huge commercial and industrial buildings are built every day by the hardworking teams of construction or carpentry workers.

Carpenters are basically woodworkers. Although that is just part of the construction process, most construction workers prefer to concentrate their efforts in one particular area of specialization. First, you may want to decide if you would prefer to work in the area of residential carpentry or in the realm of commercial carpentry.

When considering the option of residential construction, you may want to then choose between new construction or home improvement projects such as remodeling or building on to existing structures. Home improvement projects often require your own imagination and design efforts in combination with your client’s vision. You may also be asked to construct outdoor projects such as patios, decks and outdoor kitchens. Often improvement projects include reworking floors, painting walls, and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

If you choose new construction within the residential application, you will be responsible for building homes from the ground up, not necessarily by yourself… but with teams who specialize in specific tasks. If you are a general contractor, you will need to oversee each stage of construction.

Commercial building often involves constructing business offices, hospitals or other medical facilities and entertainment complexes, such as shopping malls, sports arenas, and amusement parks. Also, most often in this setting, you will be part of a team, who works together with others to create a finished structure.

As carpentry is a broad term and can indicate a wide array of career options, below we will look at a few concentrations you might like to consider. Drywall finishers are responsible for installing sheetrock for walls and ceilings. Once the drywall is installed it must be sealed and sanded. Upon completion, it is ready for the painters.

Painters are usually hired to put on the finishing touches. For example, they will paint or wallpaper walls and ceilings, as well as, stain or paint baseboards, door, and window trim, in addition to, crown moldings, stairs, rails and balusters.

You may also choose to specialize in masonry. Workers in this field are responsible for foundations, as well as, other tasks such as, laying brick or stonework on exterior walls, outdoor patios, and fireplaces or constructing fences and retaining walls.

Plumbers are needed to install water piping to sinks, toilets, water heaters, and other outlets. They work in stages as the construction progresses, beginning with roughing in piping during the foundation phase to setting fixtures at the very end. Plumbers are also usually hired to install gas lines if needed. Electricians are also needed at various stages during the construction process to ensure that quality wiring is installed for functionality and for safety. In addition, HVAC Technicians are responsible for installing heat and air systems within the residential or commercial setting.

The work of the framing carpenter is one of the most important aspects of construction. This step ensures that the structure is being built according to the specifics of the blueprint, that quality materials are being used properly and that the framework will be structurally sound to support the roof and withstand the weather elements. Typically, the materials used in this application are wood and steel. An extensive knowledge of how to read blueprints, how to use applicable computer software and construction mathematics is a requirement in this field.

There are many other types of construction concentrations to consider, as well. As most projects are considered a team effort, roofers, appliance installers, furniture makers and cabinet makers are also needed to complete a project. If you are interested in this field, please check out our choices for the Best Online Schools for Carpentry Programs.