What areas of specialization can I pursue through my online Bachelor’s of Sociology degree program?

The field of sociology is a very broad one. If you have already decided to pursue your online Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, you may have already decided on an area of specialization, as well. If not, your online program may ask you to choose a concentration in which you are passionate about and in which you would like to lend your expertise. As all careers in sociology require a caring heart, be sure to choose a specialization that fits your personality and your true interests.

Let’s take a look at a few areas of specialization within the field of sociology. A concentration in the field of Marriage and Family Counseling focuses on the bond of two individuals that are in love. Sometimes, staying in love is the issue at hand. The Marriage Counselor helps couples realize the commitment they have made and, if needed, helps them to resolve their differences to create a cohesive relationship. In addition, blended families often need the help of a Counselor when working out the first steps of life together.

Perhaps you have been led into a career as a Religious Counselor. Although religion is universal, it also can be controversial, however, depending on your areas of expertise, you may be sought after to provide spiritual guidance or grief counseling, as well as, for other spiritual needs of your clients. A Sociologist in the field of religion should be prepared to offer advice at all levels of complexity.

If you are interested in issues that involve our climate or perhaps, global warming, a position pertaining to the realm of our environment would be of interest to you. Sociology can help us understand the way ecology can and will affect everyone living on planet Earth. They research how weather patterns and natural disasters can create stress and can create negative human behavior, as well as, how humans can create stress on our land. They also may research how pollution affects our atmosphere and our communities.

With your online Bachelor’s of Sociology degree, you may have an interest in law, as well. Perhaps you should combine your interest and pursue a career in Criminal Justice. With a focus on the justice system, as a Sociologist you will interact with individuals or groups that perhaps have been imprisoned and need to be reintroduced into society. Some Sociologist may work closely with the courts and corrections system to help or to convict offenders. Positions in this field may include Parole or Probation Officers.

There are several degrees that will help you break into a career in Human Resources, however, one to consider is an online Bachelor’s of Sociology degree. Why, you ask? Well, what better way to learn about how to manage and deal with people than to learn about how the mind works and its effects on basic human behavior. As you observe employees, you will have the knowledge needed to address them with authority and leadership, all while using diplomacy and tact.

As you can see, sociology comes into play in a variety of career choices or specializations. If you would like more information, please see our choices for the Top 20 Online Schools for Bachelor of Sociology degree programs.