Top 5 Online Bachelor’s of Information Technology


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The need for intelligent, educated, and competent Information Technology professionals is quickly becoming ubiquitous among all sectors and environments. Individuals who are technologically and scientifically skilled will find a home in the field of Information Technology as it allows for pathways into many different disciplines including software development, systems management, computer programming, cyber security technologies, and more! As computing systems become more advanced, so will the need for IT experts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary per year of computer and information technology professionals between $80,000-120,000, and it is a fast-growing market with a job outlook of 15%. Any one of these Top 5 Online Bachelor’s of Information Technology will provide distance education students with the means, curriculum, and benefits to earn a prestigious degree in the field of computing.

Methodology for this list includes academic rigor, program/coursework opportunities, degree outcomes, program standouts, student and faculty satisfaction, and 100% online availability. In developing this list,, chose not to list the schools in an ordered way, but instead highlighted twenty of the very best programs, all of which have their own unique strengths.


Program Standouts:
Regent University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology combines the curricula of information systems and information technology to deliver this first-rate online program. Educating its students in a foundation of Christian mores and tenants, Regent University IT students “live the principles of truth, justice and love as [they] deploy new technologies.”

Campus Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Tuition and Fees:

  • $395 per credit hour—tuition
  • $250 per term—technology fee
  • $19 per term—undergrad support fee
  • $50 one time—application fee

Types of Aid: Federal and state loans and grants; private grants, loans, and scholarships; institutional scholarships, awards, and military benefits.

Acceptance Rate: 82%

Admission Requirements:
Students applying to this program must submit a completed application along with the nonrefundable application fee, as well as official high school (and college if applicable) transcripts and a signed Community Life Form.

Program Options:

  • General Information System Technology
  • Information Security

Degree Outcomes:
Essential assets in any modern business or institution, Regent University Information Systems Technology graduates have the skills and know-how to effect positive change as network or systems administrators, computer programmers, information technology and assurance consultants, software engineers, and web developers.




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Program Standouts:
Penn State World Campus provides a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology that rivals nearly all other distance education programs for its delivery of coursework, satisfaction of students, and its highly respected faculty members. PSWC provides two exciting and unique concentration opportunities that allows students to focus their degree in either Information Systems: Design and Development or Integration and Application!

Campus Location: University Park, PA

Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Tuition and Fees:

  • $535 per credit hour (fewer than 12 credits per semester)—part-time tuition
  • $6,506 flat rate (more than 12 credits)—full-time tuition
  • $86 per fewer than 5 credits; $189 per 5 to 8 credits; $252 per 9 or more credits—technology fee

Types of Aid: Federal loans and grants, institutional payment plans, third-party payments, world campus employer reimbursement and tuition deferment program, tuition assistance, and military benefits.

Acceptance Rate: 84%

Admission Requirements:
Required documentation for Penn State World Campus includes: official high school transcripts, or GED transcripts, along with records from higher school, a competed online application, and TOEFL scores from international students.

Program Options:

  • Integration and Application
  • Information Systems: Design and Development

Degree Outcomes:
This program connects students with a significant number of networking and career contacts upon graduation. With this proverbial “foot in the door,” students graduate from PSWC with the resources and skill to “work as associate systems designers, network managers, application programmers, web designers, and web administrators.”



Program Standouts:
Capella University is regarded as one of the finest online institutions in the country, providing its students with an unparalleled level of distance education. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students “will experience practical, hands-on learning designed around best practices in a safe, interactive virtual lab environment.”

Campus Location: Minneapolis, MN

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission; Computing Accreditation Commission

Tuition and Fees:

  • $330 per lower level credit hour; $382 per upper level credit hour—tuition

Types of Aid: Federal loan and grant opportunities, numerous institutional and private scholarships, and payment plans.

Acceptance Rate: 68%

Admission Requirements:
Applicants to this program must submit a completed application along with the nonrefundable application, an acknowledgement agreement, official transcripts representing a satisfactory GPA, and TOEFL scores from non-English speaking students.

Program Options:

  • Project Management
  • Information Assurance and Security

Degree Outcomes:
Capella University Information Technology graduates exhibit extremely distinguished levels of competency in a litany of areas applicable to the field, including the usage of organizational skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic planning.




Program Standouts:
Herzing University offers Information Technology students three unique concentration areas through which to earn their Bachelor’s degree. With advancements in the field coming out at an alarming rate, HU is able to supply students with all the most relevant and modern tools and techniques.

Campus Location: Menomonee Falls, WI

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Tuition and Fees:

  • $565 per credit hour—part-time tuition
  • $570 per credit hour—full-time tuition
  • $345 per year—learner resource fee

Types of Aid: Institutional and private scholarships; state, federal, and private grants and loans, work-study opportunities, and Veterans’ and military benefits.

Acceptance Rate: 96% – Herzing University admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin

Admission Requirements:
Interested parties should interview with an admissions advisor prior to completing and submitting the application, along with official high school transcripts, GED, or HSED.

Program Options:

  • Security Technology
  • Network Management
  • General Information Technology

Degree Outcomes:
Whether a student’s academic and/or career goals are in administration, systems management, software development, security, or another IT field, a degree from Herzing University gives Bachelor of Information Technology students the understanding of complex platforms to reach them. Students learn a broad base of IT skills whether or not they choose to specialize their degree.




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Program Standouts:
Students in the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology have the benefits of learning from esteemed faculty members who bring a wealth of knowledge to the online classroom. As the need for competent IT professionals continues to grow in nearly all sectors, UMass produces brilliant graduates in their highly recognized IT program.

Campus Location: Lowell, MA

Accreditation: New England Association of Colleges and Schools

Tuition and Fees:

  • $365 per credit hour—tuition
  • $30 per semester—registration fee
  • $40 one time—application fee

Types of Aid: Federal, state, and private loans and grants; tuition waivers; and institutional and alternative scholarships.

Acceptance Rate: 64%

Admission Requirements:
This program is open and welcoming to any student who holds a high school degree, or who has completed the GED test. Required documentation includes official transcripts, a completed application, and the nonrefundable application fee.

Sampling of Coursework:

  • Survey of Programming Languages
  • Desktop Video Production
  • Website Database Implementation

Degree Outcomes:
In this challenging and thorough program, students are able to study a number of different subjects including programming, networking, database management, website design, multimedia and more. Upon graduation, students enter seamlessly into masters programs or prestigious positions of employment.