Can I transition from being a Registered Nurse into a career in Healthcare Administration?

Are you currently a Registered Nurse (RN) and would like to transition into a Healthcare Administration career? It is definitely an option for you to consider and a good one, at that. It will provide you an excellent work schedule and other important employment benefits. A career as a Nurse Administrator allows you to be in a supervisory position over other nurses, in addition to, serving in an advisory position by recommending medical and policy changes.

A nursing career can be very rewarding, however, as a Nursing Administrator, although direct bedside care of patients will be limited, you will be just as fulfilled as for you will continue to work on behalf of the patient. Job opportunities in this career is expected to rise and it is the next logical step up after gaining valuable experience as a Registered Nurse. Nursing Administrators are found in hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare facilities. Other administrative options may include Nursing Directors, Clinical Coordinators or Assistant Chief Nursing Officers.

A Nurse Administrator position requires at least a bachelor’s degree, although at this point as a Registered Nurse you should have already earned a BSN degree. For the best career options and, of course, the best salary, an online Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration is most beneficiary and the desired degree. A master’s degree will typically qualify you for most administrative positions. You may also choose to combine your Master’s degree of Science in Nursing (MSN) with an online Master’s degree in Business Administration. Five years of previous healthcare management experience is recommended for an administrator position.

The course of study involved in earning your online Master of Science in Nursing Administration degree will provide you advanced learning in classwork related to the healthcare industry such as business management, safety management, advanced operations management, disease management and prevention, as well as, financial management. With this coursework under your belt, you will be well equipped to manage any number of employees and be qualified for any number of different types of administrative positions. In addition to a Nursing Administrator, you may opt to pursue a career as a Hospital Administrator or perhaps an administrator in the field of criminal or forensic science.

Generally, you must also keep your certifications and licenses up-to-date such as your RN license, CPR, basic life support (BLS) certifications and administrative certification, which is optional but advisable, from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) who offers several options related to nursing administration, such as the Nurse Executive-Board Certified (NE-BC) credential. This credential requires 30 hours of continuing education specific to nursing administration within the past three years, however, if you have obtained your online Master’s degree in Nursing Administration, then you are exempt from this requirement.

A Nursing Administrator is typically in charge of nurse staffing and oversees that rules and ethic policies are adhered to according to state regulations. You will be required to hire and train new personnel and perform employee evaluations. Although some patient care may be required, your primary duties will include the completion of charts and all other patient documentations.

Administrators must be well spoken, organized, critical thinkers, detail oriented and compassionate for others. They must also have patience, able to work long hours on their feet, a strong back for lifting and re-positioning patients, in addition to, being emotionally stable.

Registered Nurses who earn their online Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration may transition easily into a management career and have a great advantage over those who do not have a medical or nursing background. If you are a Registered Nurse, then who better to know the urgent needs of the patient? If you would like to learn more about healthcare administration degree options, please check out our Top 20 Online Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Administration.