What types of counseling can I pursue with my online Doctorate of Counseling degree?

Are you considering a career in counseling? It can be a bit overwhelming, simply because there are so many areas of expertise surrounding the career field. As a counselor, of any kind, you must have a heart for service, be compassionate, a good communicator, and perhaps most importantly, a good listener. As people from all walks of life come to you for guidance, naturally, you want to help them in any way possible. A good first step is to earn your online Doctorate of Counseling degree, so you will be better equipped to help them in their most challenging times.

Depending on your true passion, you will want to select an area of concentration that best suits your personality, as well as, your interests. A Child Abuse Counselor helps those who have become victims of child abuse, whether it be from physical harm or mental abuse. They assess a child’s symptoms and identify which treatments or therapy is in the child’s best interest.

A Couples Counselor is trained to help couples who may be experiencing difficulties in their relationships. The role of the Marriage or Family Counselor is similar. They are tasked with helping couples or families relate to each other in a positive way and how to maintain happy and healthy relationships.

A Grief Counselor helps people deal with loss. This could be anything from the death of a spouse to someone who is going through a divorce or any other tragedy. Most people who are depressed or distressed over personal matters can not function properly in regards to their other responsibilities, such as holding a job or raising a family. The Grief Counselor will identify the patient’s problem along with the appropriate treatment to help them get back to being a productive member of society.

The Substance Abuse Counselor helps those individuals who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. They help their clients understand the reason for the addiction, as well as, help them overcome it by facing their emotional issues. A Substance Abuse Counselor will assess the patient and suggest a treatment plan.

Spiritual Counselors help their patients grow spiritually. Perhaps their client’s have had unfortunate circumstances or trauma that leaves the patient feeling hopeless or despondent. Through spiritual counseling, they can gain understanding and peace with the help of a trained professional in psychology, as well as, in ministry.

A Forensic Psychologist is the mediator between those in a legal battle or criminal investigation and the justice system. Other clients who may need the services of a Forensic Psychologist include those involved in custody battles or insurance fraud claims. They are tasked with doing investigative reports, observing client behavior and assessing the mental competency of the defendants.

There are many, many other types of counseling to consider, however, in addition to earning your online Doctorate of Counseling degree, you must search your heart for which type of counseling is best for you. Other career options include Social Worker, Military Health Specialist, Domestic Violence Counselor or, a Licensed Professional Counselor which provides a variety of emotional support services.

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