What types of online Doctorate degree programs are available if I wish to further my career in Social Work?

Have you thought about earning an online doctorate degree in social work?  If you have, without a doubt, you are probably well established in the field of social work already, utilizing your bachelor’s and master’s degree that you’ve already earned. So, what is motivating you to further your career with such a distinguished honor as a Ph.D. in social work?  The ability to be of more help to others?  More money in the bank? Self-satisfaction?  These are all excellent reasons to pursue a doctoral degree.

You have a choice to make about the type of doctoral degree you choose to earn in the field of social work. What do you wish to accomplish with your online Doctor of Social Work degree? Your choice of degree will depend primarily on the type of work you would like to pursue. In general, this degree field is divided into two categories, the Ph.D. and the DSW. What’s the difference, you ask? Let’s explore each one’s characteristics.

Perhaps the most popular of the two is the DSW degree. DSW stands for “Doctor of Social Work.” Through an online DSW degree program, you will learn how to give your patients the most comprehensive care available in this field. As a social worker, you have made the commitment and dedication to helping your fellow humankind. How awesome is that? It takes a unique, loving and kind soul to work with the unfortunate situations that some of your clients endure. If you would like to continue to work in the public sector, the DSW degree if for you. Through an online doctorate degree program in social work, particularly the DSW program, you will learn advanced techniques in social theories, psychopharmacology, psychopathology, clinical leadership, and administration. If you desire to serve your community to the best of your ability, an online DSW degree is for you!

Now, perhaps you would prefer the Ph.D. accolade in social work. Your online “Doctor of Philosophy” degree will allow you to pursue your love for teaching at the university level. You also can pursue a career in research, or in leadership, as well. Online Ph.D. programs in social work offer a varied line of coursework. You will learn advanced techniques in education, philosophy, and behavioral science, among many others relevant topics. Your program will necessitate extensive research as you focus on issues that affect the field of social work.

Either degree will ensure that you receive the highest level of education available to suit your needs as a professional in academia or the clinical setting. Your online Ph.D. in social work distance education program will qualify you for any career position you desire, provide you with opportunities to conduct significant research relevant to the field, the chance to change social welfare policy, and most importantly, provide services for your clients that are invaluable to them in their time of need.

OnlineSchoolsCenter.com has constructed an exceptional list of the Best Online Schools for Doctor in Social Work Programs for your review. Your genuine love and dedication to the advancement of social work will reap you many, many rewards, professionally, as well as, personally!