What kind of degree options are available through an online school program for Applied Behavior Analysis?

Let’s face it, changing someone’s behavior is not an easy feat.  Bad habits from childhood can carry over into adulthood often causing trouble in families or in attempts to communicate effectively at work and in social settings. Professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis work tirelessly to help others, especially children, to cope with behavioral issues before they worsen, hurt themselves or someone else. This method of psychology can also be applied to animal training, as well.

The field of applied behavior analysis was developed in the 1960s, initially to help children who had autism. ABA specialists take a scientific approach to altering behavioral patterns.  They study the patient’s environment, how they react to others, as well as, how they learn, communicate and how they perform simple everyday tasks.

A doctorate degree in applied behavior analysis can easily be obtained through the online school format.  However, through some schools, hybrid courses are more common. As the online school format is a tremendous help to the busy professional, hybrid programs typically require some on-campus participation.  Also, laboratory work and personal work with other behavior analysts may be required.

Prerequisites will typically include a master’s degree in a related field. However, some programs will accept you with a bachelor’s degree, although the proper course credits must be in place. Your grade point average must be high, and your GRE scores must be exceptional to be competitive when applying for an online graduate program in applied behavior analysis. You will also be expected to submit an essay, letters of recommendation, as well as, work and volunteer experience and personal interviews will be conducted. A dissertation is required or a comparable project, in addition to, an internship or practicum.

If you are interested in earning an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analyst (ABA) degree, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and relationship between learning and how behavior is affected. You’ll also study behavior analytic theory, child development, and personality theory, qualitative and quantitative research, and statistics, verbal behavior, biopsychology, as well as, the identification of environmental factors that cause behavior issues and the treatment to create a change.  You’ll focus on behavioral medications and their effects, industrial psychology, perception and sensation and the varieties of research methods that have been found useful today.  In your online school doctorate degree program in ABA, you will also learn how to manage a facility properly.

How do you know what type of online applied behavior doctorate degree is right for you?  In general, there are two different degrees to consider.  Your choices are the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Applied Behavior Analysis or the most common, which is the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Applied Behavior Analysis. The Psy.D. focuses on career options that include counseling, social work, and human services, in which you will have direct client contact.  The Ph.D. program focuses on academia, such as a teaching position and, also covers career options in research.  Your Psy.D. program can take between four to six years to complete, while the Ph.D. program can take between five to eight years to complete. Before signing on to a doctorate program, find one that will suit your needs and personality.

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