What is a degree completion program?

degree completion program

Typically, most all students just beginning their educational journey have good intentions. They start excited about their on-campus college experience or look forward to completing an online distance learning degree program, but then life happens. For various reasons, students sometimes are not in the position to finish their degree program, and sometimes from no fault of their own. Occasionally, students get burnt out on school or perhaps, they are homesick and want to go home. More often than not, financial responsibility is a prominent reason for not completing their degree program.

If you got to a certain point within your bachelor’s program but had to quit, never fear, not all is lost. A degree completion program is a unique program developed for students who have started an undergraduate degree in a four-year school but did not finish their degree. A degree completion program will allow you to complete the required classes to earn your degree. To qualify, you must have met the minimum number of academic credits before you apply.

Now, here is an essential component of the degree completion program and it is advisable to consider this from the onset of exploring your post-secondary options. You will want the previous credits you’ve already earned to be from an accredited school, as well as, the ones obtained through your degree completion program.

Students who are inspired to go back to school to finish their degree program, often work full-time jobs and have other family obligations. Online degree completion programs are offered in many topics, although, most students opt for a broad major, such as a Bachelor of Arts degree in the fields of finance, education or biology, among others. Students will be responsible for completing coursework and taking standardized tests to complete their degree.



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