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online-studentVirtual learning was once a thing of the past but as more and more colleges and universities are adding online options to their curriculum, the speed in which students are signing up for distance learning is increasing each year. With the addition of an also increasing amount of students looking for a schooling choice that fits their busy lives, schools are now understanding the importance of having a distance learning option.

Are you a busy work professional looking to increase your educational portfolio? Are you a stay at home mom that wants to get back into school after years of putting it off? Is transportation an issue for you in pursuing your dreams? The answer is…..online. We, here at Online Schools Center, want to guide you into the world of virtual learning with a simple, easy to use tool that will aid in your pursuits of a higher education.

Maybe, you have always wanted to attend that one university…. but it was halfway across the United States, well, NOW you can and in most cases, pay the same tuition as its in-state residents…all because of online schooling. Will you receive a less than top-notch education? NO….you will, in most cases (and, of course, it depends on the school) receive the same high quality, award winning staff’s attention that you would as if you were attending their on-campus courses.

In this day and age, there is no reason to not get that bachelors degree or even attain your masters degree to better your future!

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The 30 Most Technologically Savvy Online Schools


We put a lot of time and effort into ranking online schools based on their technological savvy. We hope you find this useful as you select the school you will be working with.

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Probably the most important decision you’ll make is which school to enroll at. The good news is that the quality of online schools continues to improve so you are less likely to end up at a bad one. The bad news is that there are still some bad online schools out there. We’re here to help you cut through all the noise and find a good school that meets your needs.

Our online school rankings page includes a number of useful school rankings to help you pick the best of the best, whether by degree program or just overall. For example, if you’re looking for the most technologically savvy online school, we’ve got a ranking for that. Or if you want to know which schools have the best bachelors in graphic design programs, we’ve got a different ranking for that. Our ever expanding list of rankings articles forms the core of our site.

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