What are the advantages and disadvantages to earning my online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in marketing, please consider the advantages and disadvantages to earning an online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing before you begin your journey.

Perhaps one of the best attributes in marketing is the fun factor. What’s better than fulfilling the dreams of an up and coming company with sales, profits and the ability to grow? To think that you are partially responsible is an awesome feeling of accomplishment and, no doubt, you’ll enjoy the process just as much as your client.

Today’s marketing requires one to be tech savvy. As a Marketer, you will be constantly learning new and exciting ways to advertise your client’s products and/or services. If you appreciate a challenge, you will enjoy using the newest technology available to help you achieve the end goal, which is sales and profits. To assure proper promotional strategies, you will want to take advantage of every tool available, such as, research software and the use of social media, in addition to, other tools used for analysis and data support.

If you have earned your online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, then you will be entering a career that is very flexible. You may have entered an area of concentration while earning your degree, but, at any point that you would like to change gears or an opportunity arises within another area of expertise, your marketing degree will allow you the flexibility to adjust to just about any classification of marketing you choose. Suppose you enter one type of marketing but find that you’re not satisfied. With your marketing degree, you should be able to enter another realm of marketing with no problem.

In the field of marketing, whether the economy is good or bad, the need for good advertising and promotion personnel typically does not change. In fact, when things are not going too well for a client, this is the time that they will need you, the professional, the most. Since there is such a broad spectrum of marketing concentrations, salaries can range from $62,150 annually for the Market Research Analyst to upwards of $130,000 per year or more for the Marketing Manager, depending on experience and educational degree.

Another advantage to earning your online Bachelor’s in Marketing is that the degree for this career is readily available through online programs. This affords the student convenience and flexibility while earning their degree, perhaps while maintaining a current job and a normal home life.

Well, as always, with the good, you must consider the bad, as well. Although there are only a few disadvantages, they are worth mentioning when considering a life-long career in marketing. If you do not like change, marketing may not be for you. As a Marketer, you will constantly be working for different types of clients and selling a variety of products. Often clients can be demanding and meeting deadlines can be very stressful. Some businesses do not see the need for marketing, so, you as a salesperson must be personable and convincing to close the deal. Competition can be fierce amongst other marketing companies, in addition to, rivalry among other recent graduates. Due to the popularity of earning a Marketing degree, finding an entry-level job can be very competitive. To earn optimum pay, a graduate degree is necessary. In Marketing, long hours and travel may be required. But don’t be discouraged, earning an online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing will prepare you for whatever comes your way and is a good start to a successful and rewarding career.

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