Can I earn a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design through an online program?

Are you a recent high school graduate? Are you interested in pursuing a degree in fashion design? Are you looking forward to attending the traditional brick and mortar university to earn your degree?  As going away to college is an outstanding experience for some folks, it’s not for everybody.  Being away from home, distractions of on-campus living and the potential expenses of this lifestyle is enough to discourage even the most focused students.

So, what is the alternative, you ask?  Can you earn a Bachelor of Fashion Design degree over the Internet?  You should inquire about attending an online distance learning program.  Although this option sounds intriguing, finding a program that guarantees 100% online participation may be rather hard to locate, due to the nature of the field.  As you search for an online bachelor’s degree program that focuses on fashion design, you will find that most are considered to be “hybrid” programs.  What does that mean?  Through a hybrid program, a majority of your coursework will be offered through a convenient and flexible online format; however, since fashion design requires a hands-on approach, the occasional on-campus attendance will also be required.

When you are researching an appropriate online program for you, be sure that their personal attendance requests can be fulfilled easily.  For example, find out how often your presence will be required, is the school within a reasonable distance from your home or can you afford travel expenses, and can you easily take off time from work to attend, as well as, forfeit the missed wages?  You will need to find an online program that fits your needs, your personality and your schedule.

On-campus workshops can be fun, no doubt.  Opportunities like these will give you personal, one-on-one chances to work closely with your educator and your fellow classmates.  Studio sessions will inspire you and provide you with networking opportunities and internship possibilities, as well.

Generally, online coursework is administered by way of asynchronous classes.  In this manner, you can access your coursework from anywhere, at any time of the day or night.  You can choose to work on your assignments in your pajamas at home, or you can go to the corner café to access their Internet and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you learn.  Online schools provide many ways to access faculty through emails, texts, or message boards.  You can also communicate with other students through video chats.

The proper accreditation of your online fashion design school is crucial.  Employers typically look for graduates from fashion schools accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD).  This distinction ensures students that they are attending a quality program and will find it beneficial; therefore, contributing to their success.

Would you like to expand your knowledge?  If so, you can also find online master’s degree and doctoral degree programs to help you advance in your career or become a fashion design professor at the university level.  If you aspire to learn more about a specific topic, certifications are easily obtainable through the online format.

Please see our options for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s of Fashion Design Degree Programs that has compiled for your review if you are interested in this rewarding and exciting career field!