What sort of career responsibilities will be required of me with my online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing?

Thinking of a career in Marketing? Are you wondering what sort of career responsibilities will be required of you? Earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is a smart move and prepares you for an entry-level position within this field. Because of the broad range of specializations, it makes earning a marketing degree a very popular choice among students. Although a marketing program can cover a broad spectrum of careers, depending on your concentration, the overall responsibilities and goals are similar.

Perhaps the main idea of marketing can be summed up as placing your client’s product or service into the marketplace and promoting the company’s brand to generate sales and profits. It will be your job to figure out how to do that. You will need to know how to sell almost anything. By earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to accomplish any task you’re assigned.

Sure hope you enjoy doing research because that aspect of marketing is very important. Why, you ask? Well, as a good Marketer, you will need to know your customers and that will require extensive research to learn the supply and demand of what you are responsible for selling. You must be familiar with research methods that will help you to determine the overall economic prosperity of today’s consumer. You will be expected to utilize statistical methods to determine the needs of your customers, affordability of the products, as well as, the best way to present products or services to the public. Also, you may be asked to implement experimental product testing for future marketing purposes.

The ability to evaluate consumer behavior will be an integral part of your job to identify customer wants and needs. By understanding consumer behaviors, you can determine how buying habits are related to future profits. Your online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing will teach you how to evaluate the way consumers think and how cultural differences may affect your research and historical data. What are the characteristics of the demographics you are researching? Where are the potential customers located, what means the most to them, what do they do for a living and what do they do for fun? These types of questions help to determine your target customer and their buying habits.

Perhaps your main responsibility will be to develop a strategic marketing plan. Using your research, you must implement a plan that best suits your client’s needs. This would include using your creative side. Coming up with selling strategies that are new and innovative can be a challenge, however, your training will allow you to face any challenge you’re given with confidence.

You must be a good communicator with excellent written and oral skills. You will be expected to generate sales presentations and advertising campaigns to the customer, in addition to, negotiating and constructing written contracts and agreements. Clients will value your advice and will appreciate your leadership in marketing their commodities. And, no doubt, you will be expected to close the sale and maintain positive client/consumer relationships.

Finally, you will need to be familiar with marketing through different types of media, such as, television, radio, billboards, social media, internet, newspaper and magazines. You may be asked to organize open houses, grand openings, radio remotes, in addition to, other special events and promotions.

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