What sort of career and salary can I have within the field of Court Reporting?

Stenographers, or Transcriptionists, are tasked with translating someone’s verbal words into written words for others to read or examine. In this field, a stenographer’s services can be useful in several career choices.

A Court Reporter, or Court Stenographer, focuses on the words spoken in a legal setting, such as in a trial, deposition or other judicial meetings. The Court Reporter’s position can be obtained by earning certification and licensure according to your state’s requirements. The typical salary for this career is $51,320 annually, however, if you choose to earn an associate degree in this field, it could increase your earning potential.

If you choose to focus your efforts in the field of medicine, perhaps a position as a Medical Transcriptionist is for you. Most employers require a minimum education of a certificate program, however, there are degree programs available, as well. As healthcare providers such as, doctors and nurses, provide audio patient information, the Medical Transcriptionist transfers the information into accurate written information in the form of a medical record. A MT requires an extensive knowledge in medical terminology. Medical Transcriptionists are hired to work in hospitals, clinics and insurance companies. The typical salary for this career is $35,720 annually.

A Broadcast Captioner is a stenographer who provides television programming with closed captions for the hearing impaired. They translate television dialogue, for local and national networks, onto the television monitors to help them enjoy programming, as well. They also work for news networks and for the emergency broadcasting system. In some instances, the process takes place live, as shows are being aired, however, some captioning is done during the postproduction process. You may enter this profession through a certificate program or with an associate degree. The salary for a Broadcast Captioner is $54,720 annually.

Occasionally, someone who is hearing impaired may need immediate “real-time” assistance. The Communication Access Realtime Translation Provider (CART), is available to help those with special needs while attending meetings, doctor appointments, community events, weddings or for students attending high school or college courses. CART providers may attend events in person or through an Internet or phone connection. The salary for this position is comparable to that of a Court Stenographer.

With stenography experience, you may be interested in becoming an Interpreter or a Translator. Both titles usually require a bachelor’s degree. In addition, besides being proficient in the English language, it is recommended that you also have sufficient knowledge of at least one foreign language. The salary for this position is approximately $46,120 per year. Typically, an Interpreter’s duties include a concentration on the spoken word and sign language, while a Translator typically works in the written language. Interpreters and Translators can be self-employed or may work for companies who specialized in translation and interpretation. They often work in schools, conference centers, courtrooms, hospitals and places of worship.

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