How do I earn an online Bachelor of Fashion Design degree?

Most future fashion designers get started at a young age. Many young children take an interest early on, especially if they enjoy drawing as well. You can never start too soon; therefore, as early as high school you can start preparing for a career in fashion design. Some high schools are now offering fashion design classes, but for certain you should take advantage of basic drawing and art classes, and home economics classes that teach sewing. Typically, your portfolio of sketches may very well be your admission ticket to a reputable online Bachelor of Fashion Design degree program, or at the very least, will set you apart from the competition.

Once you have enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program in fashion design, you will learn the pertinent points of honing your skills. Generally, courses will include technical drawing and sketching, history of fashion, apparel design, textile designs, pattern making, silkscreen and 3D modeling, notable fashion designers, portfolio design, color harmony, fit and tailoring. Also, you will learn about sewing methods, draping, and choosing fabrics, as well as, predicting fashion trends and entrepreneurship skill to include customer service and business practices. Most likely, you will need to be familiar with computer-aided design (CAD) software to help you with your designs. Also, you can expect to learn about effective marketing ideas, and how to perfect your visual presentations skills.

Some degree programs will require you to work an internship as part of their graduation requirements. As working an internship provides you with exceptional experiences, it will also help you decide in which capacity you would like to work. In retail, you may enjoy sales, in addition to, alterations or tailoring duties. An internship at a clothing manufacturer will enable you to learn about the garment construction process. Within a design firm, you can experience the process from the ground up.

An online Bachelor of Fashion Design degree program will take you approximately four years to complete, depending on your dedication. This degree may come in the form of a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in fashion design. Students who wish to pursue a career in fashion design must be creative, innovative and very artistic. You must pay attention to details, be an excellent communicator and computer literate.

At present, licensure or certification is not required to become a fashion designer; however, the online Bachelor’s of Fashion Design degree is the preferred accolade to own. After graduation, you can expect to qualify for an entry-level position within a designing firm or merchandiser. With experience, you can expect to advance to a creative director or lead designer within a firm. If you aspire to be self-employed, you can certainly do that as well. You should take advantage of networking opportunities when possible, primarily to promote your designs, as well as, catch the attention of fashion magazines, bloggers, or other prominent clients in the entertainment business. To obtain your dream job, you must have an impressive portfolio and have unique designs to offer your clients. Your work should reflect your talent, creativity and style. Look to your “fashion design heroes” for inspiration!

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