What do Fashion Designers do and is it the right career choice for me?

The great American fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Often, we choose what we shall wear based on how we feel that day. If you wake up happy and feeling good, we may pick a cute, playful outfit, or if we are feeling under the weather or down, perhaps the old jogging suit on the top shelf gets pulled down and worn, just because it is comforting to us. Ms. Zoe is right though, for our fashion sense tells everyone the mood we are in that day. No need for words to describe how we feel; everybody knows!

But, before we have a chance to express ourselves through our clothing, someone had to design it first. Fashion design is an art form, no doubt; however, there is more to it than just that. It is a genuine business requiring expertise. Fashion designers must think ahead. They are often tasked with determining future trends as they design their clothing line. Designers must ask themselves what type of clothing they are interested in designing, such as everyday wear, evening wear, or perhaps, specializing in bathing suits and accessories. You must also consider if your designs will be offered to the public and mass produced, or would you like to provide a couture line only, dressing specifically for individuals. Would you want to design for a particular demographic, such as a children’s clothing line? Also, there are many other types of fashion design fields to consider, such as accessories like jewelry, shoes, costumes, or handbags.

Fashion designers must be well-versed in the correct types of fabric to use, pattern making and sewing knowledge, as well as, have artistic sketching skills. Clothes should not only fit all body types well, but they should also be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Your primary objective as a fashion designer will be to design and create clothing; from the beginning sketch idea through to its manufacturing and marketing.

Do you have the personality to make it in the fashion design business? Sure, you’re artistic and have some great designs that you are mulling around in your mind, but have you got the skills needed to succeed in this highly competitive business? To indeed be successful as a fashion designer, you must put in the work, which first typically requires earning an online Bachelor of Fashion Design degree. In addition, a strong business background is a must with knowledge of accounting practices, buying materials at a reasonable price, along with, skills in marketing and sales.

Other requirements of a fashion designer are just as necessary. For example, you must be a team player, a good communicator, and incredibly creative with a good imagination. You will need excellent drawing techniques to translate your thoughts on to paper easily. Your artistic abilities must include knowledge in color and shapes, as well as, fabrications and textures. Can you sew? You must be able to construct the garments that you design, along with, instructing others; therefore, proficient sewing terminology and leaderships skills are imperative. Are you a visionary? Can you predict future fashion trends? If so, you will be ahead of your competition, as you should feel confident in your abilities to create beautiful designs that are innovative and expressive.

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