Can I finish my degree online?

finish degree online

Studies show that about twenty-eight percent of college students drop out of college before their sophomore year for various reasons. Why is that? The top reasons for not completing a degree program are evident. They include excessive school tuition and related costs, the need to work full-time and family emergencies and responsibilities. Also, students often are overwhelmed by the stress and just are not prepared for the hard work and dedication that completing a degree program requires. Others are left unsure of a major, as some schools do not offer adequate counseling, and some become homesick. If you have previously attended college but dropped out or taken college classes sporadically, you are indeed not alone. However, you can complete your degree without necessarily going back to a university. You can finish your degree online!

Like most adults who live busy lives, conventional school commitments might not work for you. Studying full-time on campus like a young college student isn’t always an option anymore. When you decide to finish your degree online, your personal attendance may not be required, depending on your degree level, of course. Also, students who are continuing an online program do not have to consider housing. With zero university housing worries, you also save on housing fees.

Online degree completion programs are becoming more popular these days. These are programs that allow students that have completed two years of an associate degree program or an equivalent to continue studying and earn their bachelor’s degree online. As with any online academic program, online degree completion programs let you attend classes anywhere and at your own schedule. In fact, numerous students are working adults that are employed full-time and find time to fit in a few hours each day for online study.

Several colleges and universities across the United States offer online coursework programs for those who would like to continue their studies. Students who are returning to a community college to earn their degree can often enjoy an important advantage, as several accredited online learning institutions forge partnerships with community colleges and align their programs to ease the credits transfer process.

You need to consider a few factors when looking into specific online degree completion programs. If you need special requirements for your schedule, take into consideration if a majority of the online coursework can be done remotely. While online study programs essentially advertise a convenient and flexible arrangement, there are some that are 100% online while others are blended programs that combine online and campus learning. Some master’s and doctorate programs will require on-campus attendance, especially during the thesis and dissertation process. Furthermore, your degree plan may demand lab or clinical training. If so, naturally, on-campus attendance will be required.

Typically, online degree programs specify their required cumulative GPA and need a specific number of transferable college credits. If online degree completion is the route for you, check the credit transfer policies and processes in the program you are choosing. You would want to continue your college education and earn your degree without being required to retake courses. This way, you can receive your degree online for much less than you would in a full bachelor’s degree program. It is also advisable to always attend an accredited online school for your quality education, as well as, the proper credit transfers.

Because not all online degree program options allow you the same transfer credits, it is essential to ask if you can fit your old courses into the structure of your online study. Also, there are currency rules that limit credit transfers for your classes in your major that you took ten years ago. Currency rules ensure that you stay “current” in your specialty area.

If you are interested in going back to school to finish your degree, online learning is an excellent way to achieve your goal. If you’ve had to delay the learning process for any myriad of reasons, as this is a prevalent practice, you should consider following your dreams of earning the degree you want, without a doubt. And today, it is easier than ever! No excuses!


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