Many university systems have multiple locations. Do all universities offer the same online programs at each location?

Online learning is great because it offers students flexibility and cost savings. However, degrees can vary from college to college. For bigger university systems, online programs and courses may also vary by campus, even if learners are not showing up for brick-and-mortar-based classes.

For instance, when searching for online degree opportunities through the University of North Carolina (UNC), once you select a major and degree type, it will populate a list of degree options at affiliated schools, including UNC campuses and state universities. The same is true for the State University of New York (SUNY), where potential students can see which credits are available by campus in their online catalog. On the other hand, North Dakota University System allows students collaborative student status, meaning they can take a course from any of the schools within the online system.

If you have a set school system in mind for your degree, as always, it’s a good idea to become familiar with their website and take a deeper look at the course work before committing to a major and/or degree.