What kinds of trade school training programs are available?

If you have decided to go to a trade or vocational school upon high school graduation, your next step will be to choose an occupation that suits you and your personality. What are you interested in? And, can you make a living doing it? Are you mechanically minded? Do you have compassion and the need to assist others? Do you have a mind for business-related matters? Are you interested in beauty and fitness? Perhaps you are an aspiring entrepreneur. For some, you already know where your real passion lies.

But, what if you’re not sure what you would like to do? Most people generally have a hobby or interest that they enjoy doing in their downtime. Do you love to tinker with cars or motorcycles? Do you enjoy cooking for your family? Start there, by enhancing your hobby. If you are still not sure, perhaps there are people you know who you can “interview” to see how they like their job, what it entails and if they enjoy it. For example, if you are interested in the field of beauty, ask a spa in your community if you can shadow them for the day to observe the responsibilities of being a cosmetologist or manicurist. If you enjoy building, see if a construction company will let you hang out with them for a few days to observe what goes into being a construction worker. Before you invest and begin a technical trade program, you should be sure that you have a genuine interest in the subject.

As there are many trade school opportunities available, it is worth mentioning that all geographical areas may not provide schools with your chosen career choice as a training option. Typically, trade schools center their programs around the economy of the community or the state in which they are located. A state’s financial stability may very well dictate either which field you choose or where you may need to go to get the training you desire. Trade schools like to work with their local employers, in hopes of providing apprenticeship opportunities and fulfilling local job openings, within their community, with qualified students from their school. They generally work very hard to find a placement that suits both you and the employer. It’s always best to consider a career choice that will be in high demand in the future, if possible.

Career-focused trade schools offer many opportunities with a wide array of options. You may attend on-campus, or often, online courses are available, however, in some instances, hands-on training is required. As you determine which trade is right for you, there are a few options to consider below. The healthcare industry provides numerous opportunities to the tradesperson, such as a medical assistant, veterinary assistant, pharmacy technician, medical office administrator, medical coder or as a massage therapist.

Within the field of business, you may be trained as an administrative assistant, bookkeeper, real estate broker, hospitality manager or marketing assistant, to name a few options. The human services sector provides career options in social work, personal healthcare aides, human service assistants, among others. Within the field of beauty and cosmetology, you can pursue a career as a hair stylist, nail technician, barber, esthetician or, if fitness is your passion, perhaps an exercise instructor or nutritionist would suit you.

Other categories of trade school training can include food and beverage specialties, technology, early childhood education, and teaching, as well as, in the field of legal services, such as a paralegal or legal assistant. Concentrations in media, art, and design are also available. The sky’s the limit!

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