What are trade schools and is it the right choice for me?

Have you ever been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As children, we were often asked that question by our parents or other adults in our lives that wanted to see us succeed, however, some goals, such as becoming a doctor or lawyer, although interesting responses as a child, are just not realistic choices for us as adults. Again, as children, we were not aware of the extensive education and training needed to be a physician. In some cases, the older we got, it became apparent that we were not “doctor” material.

Let’s face the facts, school is not for everybody. Sure, we know we must graduate from high school or receive our GED equivalent to get a job in the real world. This proves that we have received a basic education to help us succeed, however, some aspire to receive an extensive education. Those students probably go on to college to receive their bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and the very ambitious may choose to earn their doctorate degree, as well. If you are one of those people, then congratulations… because we need people like you! However, if school was too tough for you and you are interested in entering a specific profession, attending a trade school is an excellent choice for you. Sometimes called a vocational school, this type of school focuses on teaching the student a particular skill set needed to accomplish a specific task.

Through a trade school, your curricula will include only coursework that pertains to your career goal. Why would you need to attend a drama class when you would like to work on vehicles to make your living? Why do you need an art history class to work as a medical coder? Why should you attend required coursework that would not help you in your intended career choice? A trade school only utilizes the necessary training needed for your career choice.

If you decide the traditional four-year degree is not for you, there are many types of trade schools to choose from. In general, upon completion, you will receive a professional certificate indicating your accomplishment. It will show your future employer that you have dedicated your time and effort in honing your craft to the best of your abilities. It shows that you have the proper training in place and that you are serious and committed to doing a good job for them.

While attending a trade school, you might be required to fulfill an apprenticeship opportunity. If so, your experience will help you enter the workforce as a full-time employee directly upon graduation from your trade school. In addition, most reputable trade schools do offer financial aid or convenient payment plans for their students. At most trade schools, they also offer training at night, on weekends and offer online options for the those that must work a full-time day job and support their families.

So, before graduating from high school, decide what your career goal will be. If you decide on a traditional education, such as a four-year college degree, your commitment will be rewarded, no doubt. On the other hand, if you have a career goal already in mind and you choose a trade school, you will be just as happy with your choice… and it only took you half the time (or less) to get there. All things considered, a trade school is an excellent choice! Good Luck!

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