Are there religion-based online universities?

If pursuing a degree at a religion-based school is important to you, you’re in luck. Many religious schools are taking advantage of the framework of online learning to reach a larger group of potential students who may not otherwise be able to attend their institution due to distance or finances.

For those of the Christian faith, there is a wide range of highly accredited universities to choose from. Their approach to faith can vary by school – including non-denominational, to interdenominational or evangelical – so do your research when selecting your school based on your personal beliefs. One of the best is Liberty University, boasting over 160 programs allowing students to earn everything from a high school diploma to a doctorate degree. On the other hand, LeTourneau University may be a better choice for non-traditional students who desire extra flexibility while earning a high school, associate’s, bachelor’s or graduate degree.

If class size matters to you, even in an online learning setting, look at California Baptist University – it caps each class at just 25 students, meaning you’ll be able to get extra direction and attention as you earn credits toward a degree. Is around-the-clock learning more your style? Check out Grand Canyon University, which gives students access to lectures and other educational resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are also a variety of Catholic online universities for students to choose from. As the name suggests, Benedictine University Online was originally founded by Benedictine monks in the late 1800s. Today, the school offers a vast array of degree options for both undergraduate and graduate students. If you’re looking for a more hybrid college experience, Assumption College Online offers a mix of online and on-campus learning for their students. Another solid option to consider is the Catholic University of America Online. This school focuses on keeping class sizes smaller so students have a great learning experience – and their retention rates show students appreciate this approach.

This is just a small sampling of religious universities in the United States. Other faiths represented at colleges across the country include Jewish, Presbyterian, Methodist, Islamic, Baptist, and Jesuit – but whether or not all of these universities offer online courses or not will vary from school to school. Do your research, focusing on rankings of religious colleges to find the right place to get your degree.